Jensen Tree Moving has been the preferred mover in Owatonna and surrounding areas since 1995. Starting with just one truck we now have three different size spades to better service you to transplant your trees. We also have a tree tying ring for evergreens and smaller shade trees which protects them from the mover and wind during transportation.

Over the years we have done large moves of 100+ trees for city park departments to relocating one or two trees for a single residence. Most of our new trees come from Jack's Nursery in Owatonna. Jack has hundreds of various size shade and decorative shade trees. Its easy for buyers to set up a viewing appointment and they will get a full tour with recommendations on what might work best for their situation.

Regardless of where the trees come from we try out best to protect already existing lawns and landscape. Sometimes that might mean waiting until drier weather and other times we are able to use mats to distribute weight from the heavy equipment. The last thing we want to do is create ruts in a well taken care of lawn.

What we accomplish by moving trees:
  • Increase property value and stability
  • Reduce the time needed for sapling growth by transplanting mature, well trimmed trees
  • Protect you investment in your own mature trees by moving them safely 
  • Save already planted trees from destruction 
  • Thin out densely populated stands promoting healthy growth
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